WOOCS 2.2.5

Cape Town Township / Culture Tour : Half Day

From: $ 160.00

Experience Cape Town like a local as your guide helps you unveil the realities behind Apartheid. You’ll see how the notorious townships survive today. You’ll meet interesting locals and travel through District 6, Bo-Kaap and further afield, the townships.

Excludes entrance fees (Approx. $5 pp)


Get to grips with the colourful culture of Cape Town, and gain a deeper understanding of Apartheid as you hear true stories from the Struggle Years. This tour takes us through the remains of District Six and also its museum, the brightly painted Bo-Kaap and the townships of Langa. This is an opportunity to uncover some obscure Apartheid history as well as gaining insight into life in the townships since democracy.

Excludes entrance fees (Approx. $5 pp)

Departs at 09h00 and returns at 13h30.